Tarheel Aquascapes


Tarheel Turf Services can install and maintain your water feature on a regular schedule or a per job basis. We can install a Koi pond designed to fit your landscape and can provide any needed ongoing services after the installation. Ponds can range in sizes from small to large, a variety of shapes, and a variety of styles.

We can also incorporate rain water harvesting systems into your water feature.


Tarheel Turf Services can install a variety of "non-pond" water features. We can create a pondless waterfall, streams, and natural looking fountains. These features can be incorporated into a pond feature or can be stand alone.

Water Feature Maintenance

Tarheel Turf Services can provide ongoing maintenance, repairs, and improvements to existing water features. Services provided but not limited to are cleanouts, bacterial supplements, pump/filter replacements, leak repairs, fish/aquatic plant delivery and installation, aquatic lighting, seasonal netting, and general upkeep services such as plant pruning/thinning out, rock replacements/adjustments, and mulching.