f Tarheel Turf Services

Tarheel Hardscapes

Retaining Walls


Tarheel Turf Services can install retaining walls, patios, stairs, sidewalks, parapet walls, benches, fire pits, columns, and edging. We can offer help in choosing the right type and color of materials as well as advice on the design of the project.


Flagstones/Dry Stack/Timbers/Boulders

Tarheel Turf Services can install flagstone patios, and walkways, and dry stack walls/borders. We can install or remove and replace crossties and treated timbers for retaining walls or edging. We can also deliver and install various sized and colored boulders for a variety of places and uses within your landscape.


Hardscape Maintenance

Tarheel Turf Services can repair and clean/seal your existing hardscapes.