Mowing & Turf

Mowing and Turf Management

Tarheel Turf Services can maintain your lawn on a regular schedule that can be modified to suit your needs. We can also provide work on a per job basis.

We provide "Regular Maintenance" visits that include mowing, edging, and blowing at a set price per visit (generally) from March through October.

For Turf Management, we provide Spring lawn treatments (aerating, fertilizing, pre-emergent applications), Fall lawn treatments (aerating, fertilizing, seeding, and thatching), and post-emergent weed control as/if needed.

We provide warm and cool season sod installations and renovations/improvements for existing lawns.

Mowing & Turf

Plant and Bed Design/Installation

Tarheel Turf Services provides plant and bed design and installation services. We can replace/transplant existing plants and offer advice for, deliver, place, and plant new plants (including trees, bushes, ground covers, and seasonal flowers). We can improve existing beds or create new ones and can also add soil amendments when needed.

Mowing & Turf

Pruning and Mulching

Tarheel Turf Services knows how to prune. We can offer advice and provide pruning services on an agreed upon schedule or on a per call basis. We can prune bushes, small trees, crepe myrtles, ornamental grasses, and seasonal bushes (such as hydrangeas, butterfly bushes, roses, lantanas, liriopi, etc.).

Tarheel Turf Services can deliver and install various types of ground cover mulches. We can install single and double ground hardwood mulch, single and double ground pine bark chips/nuggets, dyed mulches, cedar mulch, pine straw, and wood chips

Mowing & Turf

Drainage Work

Tarheel Turf Services can provide advice and solutions to most drainage issues. We have experience in small grading/leveling of soil, French drains, drainage ditches, basin installation, dry creek beds, and erosion control.

Additional Services

Tarheel Turf Services will provide any additional services that we can. We can, basically, help with any jobs except large tree work. Common services include leaf cleanup/removal, weed control in natural areas, irrigation repairs and system maintenance, driveway renovations/improvements, pressure washing, and debris (small buildings, junk, organic material) removal. If it is a job that you need completed, feel free to contact us to see if we can help.